Las Vegas Tow Truck Service Called In After Scary Collision on I-15 N

Nevada Highway Patrol requested a tow truck service at the scene of a massive collision on I-15. A passenger car was driving northbound when, out of nowhere, it blew a tire! The car careened out of control, hitting the nearby jersey barrier. Unfortunately for the vehicle, the trouble wasn’t over.

The force of the impact with the barrier sent the car right into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer. The tractor trailer was carrying a load of over 18,000 lb and could not brake in time to avoid the car. Within seconds, the truck had hit the vehicle and lost control, ending up in a ditch by the side of the mountain.

Quality Towing was called in to recover the tractor trailer from the ditch and tow it off of the I-15. The recovery team arrived with two 50-ton heavy wreckers. With the Nevada State Police controlling the flow of traffic, the team knew they were safe! They first hooked onto the tractor trailer and slowly winched it upright!

With the truck back on the road, the tow truck service disconnected the tractor and trailer and towed them back to Quality Towing’s secure yard. In order to facilitate the process, the team brought a bus trailer along with them. This trailer’s unique design allows for the transportation of buses, trucks, and RVs without going over the legal height limit!

Fantastic work out there team. You recovered over 35,000 lb of truck and cargo and made it look easy! Keep it up!

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Details of Las Vegas Tow Truck Service Called In After Scary Collision on I-15 N

A call requesting a tow truck service was received at the Quality Towing in-house dispatch center. Two 50-ton wreckers were immediately dispatched from 2024 Losee Road, North Las Vegas, NV, 89030.

The tow truck service arrived at the scene of the accident on I-15 N. Nevada Highway Patrol was already on scene and had established a perimeter for the tow truck service to safely work. A quick assessment of the scene by the tow truck service showed that they would be able to recover and tow the truck without offloading the trailer.

The first step for the tow truck service was to upright the truck. Using one of the 50 ton wreckers, the tow truck service slowly began to winch the tractor trailer upright. They successfully uprighted the tractor trailer and disconnected the trailer.

The tow truck service backed their bus trailer towards the tractor and loaded it onto the trailer. With the tractor on the trailer, the towing service brought it back to their secure yard. The other 50-ton heavy wrecker was used to transport the trailer.

With the accident site cleared by the Las Vegas Towing Service, the highway patrol was able to re-open all lanes on the I-15.