When it comes to towing vehicles off private property, apartment complexes, or commercial properties in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s essential to follow specific legal requirements to avoid potential legal issues. Below are the critical points to consider:

Posting Signage & Requirements

  • Signs must be posted at all entrances and exits, and at each level in parking garages. These signs need to be clearly visible and indicate that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.
  • A firelane can be marked via a Posted Fire Lane Sign; the words FIRE LANE painted in the red curbing; and indicated by a sign notices persons entering the property that all red curbing is designated a FIRE LANE.
  • Handicaped parking signage does not necessarily need the statute NRS 484.408 printed on it.  Also, handicapped parking signs are mandate/directive in the planning and zoning phase of private and public areas. 

Notification and Documentation

Notification Requirements:

  • Nevada law mandates that when a vehicle is towed off the property, the towing company has one hour to notify Auto Return, a service used by law enforcement for impounded vehicles.
  • A private impound slip must be signed by an authorized person, including their printed name and the legal address where the vehicle was towed from.
  • If a request for a copy of the signed impound is made by the registered owner of the vehicle we will issue a redacted copy, Printed Name, Signature, Phone number and Address if the address is different from the towed property address such as corporate address are removed.

Residential Properties:

  • Vehicles on residential properties must be tagged with a 48-hour notice before being towed. The tag should state the reason for towing, such as “stored,” “wrecked,” “hazard,” “permit parking,” or “unauthorized parking.” Due to a Pandemic Law passed by the Nevada State Legislature in 2021, vehicles cannot be tagged for expired registration.

Property Management/Owners Compliance:

  • Property management or owners must comply with the rules and regulations set by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 487. This includes ensuring proper signage and following the necessary legal steps before towing a vehicle. More details can be found on the Nevada State Legislature’s website here.
  • According to Nevada Administrative Code §706.427, tow operators cannot tow a vehicle from private property without proper signage that complies with local laws and ordinances. Signs must have a contrasting background and readable lettering, be placed in the driver’s field of view, and include the contact information of local law enforcement to be notified of a tow.
  • In cases where the vehicle is parked in a “no parking” area, such as a fire lane or a spot reserved for specific residents, towing can be done without additional notice if the proper signage is in place.

Fees and Charges:

Practical Tips for Property Owners

Best Practices:

  • Ensure all signage complies with the legal requirements to avoid disputes.
  • Keep a detailed record of all communications and actions taken regarding unauthorized vehicles.
  • Work with sign up with Quality Towing and comply with Nevada’s towing laws.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your property management practices are lawful and protect both your interests and those of vehicle owners.

Quality Towing can ensure a smooth and lawful towing process, protecting both property owners and vehicle owners from potential legal issues. For further details, always refer to the most current state regulations or consult with legal professionals specializing in Nevada property and towing laws.


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