Quality Lowboy Towing Team Helps Canada-Bound Fire Truck

A lowboy towing team was dispatched to Hiko, Nevada, to come to the aid of a stricken semi truck. As the truck driver made his way into Hiko, one of the rear discs on the truck completely blew out. Moving the truck was impossible. The semi was hauling a lowboy trailer all the way to Saskatchewan, Canada. What was he bringing all the way to our Northern neighbors you ask? A fire truck! 

The truck driver had long cleared Las Vegas, where Quality Towing is based.That being said, he was hauling such expensive equipment, he knew that he needed the best lowboy towing service in Nevada to come to his aid. Choosing the wrong towing service could lead to even more problems, something the poor truck driver was desperately trying to avoid! When Quality received the call, they immediately dispatched a team to make the 115 mile journey to the truck.

The experienced tow truck operator, Justin, arrived at the truck and immediately jumped into action. He carefully loaded the lowboy trailer (complete with special fire truck cargo!) on the back of his flatbed truck. Once Justin was satisfied that the lowboy was secure, he made the 2 hour journey back to Las Vegas where the trailer was brought to a repair shop. The rear disc was replaced and the fire truck was able to continue its journey to snowy Saskatchewan!

It’s definitely not every day you get to tow a fire truck through Las Vegas! There really never is a dull moment when you work in the heavy duty towing industry. Great work out there Justin!

Lowboy Towing in Nevada

Details of Quality Lowboy Towing Team Helps Canada-Bound Fire Truck

The Quality Towing dispatch team received a call requesting a lowboy towing team in Hiko, Nevada. While Hiko is over 100 miles away from Las Vegas, the Quality Towing team knew that this truck driver needed the best lowboy towing team in Nevada. 

The lowboy towing team made their way to Hiko and arrived within 2 hours. Once the lowboy towing team arrived at the driver’s location, they assessed the situation. The semi truck had been hauling a lowboy trailer. On the lowboy trailer was a fire truck destined for Saskatchewan, Canada. The lowboy towing team was advised to bring the lowboy back to Las Vegas where it would undergo repairs.

The lowboy towing team reversed the flatbed truck towards the lowboy. The lowboy towing team secured the lowboy to their truck. The lowboy towing team did one final inspection to ensure that everything was properly loaded and secure prior to departing. The lowboy towing team was satisfied with their work. The lowboy towing team made the 115 mile journey back to Las Vegas in order to deliver the trailer to a repair facility. The repair facility would then change the rear disc on the trailer. The lowboy towing team arrived in Las Vegas and delivered the lowboy and the fire truck to the specified repair facility.