Heavy Recovery Team Called In When Concrete Truck Loses Brakes On Steep Hill

A heavy recovery team was desperately needed when a concrete truck was in a massive rollover crash at a ski resort 35 miles out of Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right, there are ski resorts close to Las Vegas! A new recruit to the concrete delivery business was driving a fully loaded concrete pumper truck to Mt. Charleston. His delivery went well and he began making his way back down Kyle Canyon Road when he ran into serious trouble.

As he was driving this 60,000lb concrete truck down a steep 16 mile, 6% grade, hill he lost his brakes. One cannot imagine the sheer terror the driver felt as he barrelled down the hill, picking up speed and unable to stop. To make matters worse, the hill ended right at Interstate 95! If the driver did not regain control of his truck before he reached the bottom of the hill, he would drive straight through the I-95!

A Nevada Highway Patrol car was stationed 8 miles from the bottom of the hill when he spotted the massive truck heading straight towards him. As the out of control truck drove past him, he was clocked at 108 miles per hour! Unfortunately, the driver was not able to gain control of the vehicle and drove directly through the southbound lanes of the I-95. He then hit the medium and became airborne, flying over the northbound lane before rolling into the desert over 100 yards off the highway. Incredibly, the driver escaped with a few cuts and bruises. With that luck, maybe a round of roulette is in order?

Quality Towing brought their 60 ton rotator and 50 ton heavy wrecker to get the totalled truck out of its sandy grave. The heavy recovery teams attached multiple lines to the truck. With the rotator attached to the front of the truck and the wrecker to the back, the heavy recovery teams began to slowly upright the truck. Once uprighted, they slowly dragged it back to the highway before towing the totalled truck away.

Fantastic work out there team! You make lifting 60,000lb look easy!

Heavy Recovery Off I-95
Heavy Recovery Las Vegas
Heavy Recovery Las Vegas

Details of Heavy Recovery Team Called In When Concrete Truck Loses Brakes On Steep Hill

Dispatch center received a call requesting a heavy recovery team to a ski hill 35 miles outside of Las Vegas. A heavy recovery team was immediately sent to the job site. The heavy recovery team arrived at the site of the accident. The heavy recovery team assessed the situation. Using snatchblocks, a 60 ton rotator, and a 50 ton wrecker, the heavy recovery team attached multiple rigging lines to the overturned truck.

The heavy recovery team slowly began to upright the truck. The heavy recovery team successfully uprighted the truck. The heavy recovery team slowly dragged the truck back to the highway using the 50 ton wrecker. Once on solid ground, the heavy recovery team was able to operate at normal speeds while they delivered the totalled truck to its destination.