Load Shift of 40,000 lb Load Leads to Massive Rollover

Load shift accidents are one of the leading causes of truck rollovers in the United States. This seems to be the case for an accident on the I-15 last week. A truck carrying 40,000 lb of raw pulp to a paper manufacturing plant in Las Vegas suddenly rolled over causing irreparable damage to both the cab and the trailer. 

Both the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Nevada Department of Transportation were on site to help with traffic control as the truck was blocking both lanes of the I-15. The Quality Towing team arrived well prepared. 5 heavy duty towing technicians were dispatched to the scene of the accident with 2 Landolls, one 60 ton rotator, and 2 heavy wreckers. 

The Quality Team had one problem to solve prior to being able to recover the rolled over truck. One 40,000 lb problem to be exact. They would be unable to recover the tractor trailer prior without first moving it’s heavy cargo. Using a combination of manpower and a trusty forklift, the team moved all the pulp from the wreck over to their awaiting Landolls. This highlights the importance of the incredible dispatch team over at Quality Towing headquarters. Had the team not received a proper briefing, they would never have brought the additional Landolls to transfer the cargo to!

With the cargo removed, the team uprighted the tractor trailer with their rotator. The backwheels of the trailer were still in drivable condition which allowed them to be able to tow the wreckage using their heavy wrecker! This job took a lot of teamwork and more than a little sweat but the Quality Towing team did an incredible job! Keep up the good work!


Details of Load Shift of 40,000 lb Load Leads to Massive Rollover

A load shift caused a massive rollover on the I-15. The Nevada Highway Patrol and the Nevada Department of Transportation called in Quality Towing to help clear up the accident site. The load shift team was immediately deployed to the accident site on the I-15.

The team arrived at the scene of the load shift accident with 5 team members, one 60 ton rotator, 2 heavy wreckers, and 2 Landolls . The load shift team assessed the situation. The load shift team first focused on cargo transfer. They removed the pulp from the damaged trailer and loaded it onto the Landolls. Once all the cargo that caused the load shift was removed from the trailer, the team were able to focus on the wreckage itself.

The load shift team assessed the damage to the trailer. Seeing that it’s back wheels were still in relatively good condition the team decided that it was safe to tow the wreckage using a heavy wrecker. The load shift team hooked up to the tractor trailer and were able to successfully tow it. With the wreckage cleared, the police were able to reopen the I-15 to traffic.